AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-26Check for ar using AM_PROG_ARHEADmasterJanik Rabe
2020-05-25avoid using `ar`Dessa
2020-05-04Compile with debugging support by defaultJanik Rabe
2020-04-19Automake: also generate zst tarballsJanik Rabe
2020-04-19Automake: hook target formats to distJanik Rabe
2020-04-16Release version 2.5.0v2.5.0Janik Rabe
2020-04-16Update NEWS and ChangeLogJanik Rabe
2020-04-16[all] Import docs from websiteJanik Rabe
2019-11-16Clarify behavior of user configuration filesJanik Rabe
2019-11-16Revert deprecation of '--disable-masq' configure flagJanik Rabe
2019-10-28Add '--reply-all' optionJanik Rabe
2019-10-27Expand tabs in options tableJanik Rabe
2019-09-29Update .gitignoreJanik Rabe
2019-09-29Use built-in PACKAGE_URL macroJanik Rabe
2019-08-25Update systemd services and socketJanik Rabe
2019-08-25Remove default CFLAGSJanik Rabe
2019-08-25Update link in READMEJanik Rabe
2019-08-12Release version 2.4.0v2.4.0Janik Rabe
2019-08-11Fix UB when printing default UID/GIDJanik Rabe
2019-08-11Update release instructionsJanik Rabe
2019-08-11Change wording in READMEJanik Rabe
2019-08-11INSTALL: add note about NEED_ROOT on some BSDsJanik Rabe
2019-08-11INSTALL: clarify ./configure optionsJanik Rabe
2019-08-11Remove m4 directory from documentationJanik Rabe
2019-08-11Update copyright headers of modified filesJanik Rabe
2019-08-08Update AUTHORS and ChangeLogJanik Rabe
2019-08-01Fix overflow by using proper type for sizeofHanno
2019-06-19Revert "Symlink os.c instead of copying"Janik Rabe
2019-06-19Re-add lost semicolonJanik Rabe
2019-06-05Change warning message when configuring without libnfctJanik Rabe
2019-06-05Update NEWS and ChangeLogJanik Rabe
2019-06-05Remove vsnprintf() from libmissingJanik Rabe
2019-06-05Remove snprintf() from libmissingJanik Rabe
2019-06-05Remove duplicate AC_CHECK_FUNCS argumentsJanik Rabe
2019-06-05openbsd30: show pf device path when open failsJanik Rabe
2019-06-05Simplify sin4_equal()Janik Rabe
2019-06-04Use PACKAGE_NAME macro for syslog identJanik Rabe
2019-06-04Use %lu for uid_t in service_request debug messageJanik Rabe
2019-05-28Scan and print uid_t and gid_t as %luJanik Rabe
2019-05-28Remove duplicate colon in safe_open()Janik Rabe
2019-05-28Remove unnecessary free(NULL) checksJanik Rabe
2019-05-28Clarify error message in MASQ_MAP parserJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Deprecate MASQFILE and IPCONNTRACK on LinuxJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Add detailed warning when compiling without libnfctJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Deprecate configure flag alias --disable-masqJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Symlink os.c instead of copyingJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Simplify configure.acJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Reformat src/missing/Makefile.amJanik Rabe
2019-05-21Remove AC definitions for PACKAGE_ORIG_*Janik Rabe
2019-05-21Rewrite autogen.shJanik Rabe